Interview With A Culture Vulture: Part 2

VILLAINOUS NEW YORK · Villainous New York’s Interview With A Culture Vulture: Part 2




Oh yes, we left it he spookiest part of our encounter with Mr.K, the personified casted mold of a culture vulture, for your scary listening this Halloween week.

Mr. K takes the back seat, no pun intended, as he knows his intentions were revealed in part one. Our Villainous protagonist is subsequently saved by the good heart of a Homie who joins in for the second installment, unbeknownst to Mr. K, who is now just sitting here no to have his intentions revealed in front of our new guest.

Villainous speaks about other situations that happen to coincide with the level of disrespect he is not willing to take anymore. Not for himself and not for his culture. Not for his team, not for his collaborators. Not for his family, and not for his name.

Mr. K also has eyes on our new guest, because he seems like new prey. And also much more polished & marketable than Villainous, so again, the Culture Vulture sits, and waits, and preys.

To eat you alive!

Recorded September 3rd. And duke ain’t from Fort Greene, he from Chicago. FOH

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Written by Gustavo Ruiz — October 26, 2020


The evolution of all things is inevitable, just as change is the only constant. Villainous New York, the brand, first came to surface in 2012. A time where the World was believed to be ending. The bad vibes of that year gave way for a new group of Creators, Artists.

Villainous New York, the brand became a bridge for the subcultures within New York City. 8 years later, with the rise in levels of fake love, clout chasing, pocket watching & disrespect at max-capacity, it seems the World is in danger once again.

After a hiatus, your friendly neighborhood Villain, has been summoned back at a time when he's needed most! With a fresh-strong Army, the designer artist is back to collaborate & create to stomp out Hate.

Driven by love & ready to battle consumerism, racism, fake energy, stigmas & Culture Vultures.

Villainous New York is The Brand Of The Streets™

Directed By Kaliq Scott

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Written by Gustavo Ruiz — September 29, 2020

Interview With A Culture Vulture By Villainous New York

Do yall really need all the details?

I feel like sparing these clowns any further disgrace because they truly epitomize the title.

The back story includes 3 years of this mans racist disregard for Me being as Latino designer/artist & New York City native, and this very low level-beginner publication trying to shun & humiliate me behind the scenes. Then you may understand why I’d be infuriated if they shunned me midway through our own scheduled interview.

What the audio can’t show is that Mr. K (my Co-star)contacted me on Aug 16th with the finesse move of purchasing an T-shirt at in order to convince much easier to do an interview for their magazine.
He would need this move because in person for 3+ years he has not liked me on a personal level.
Part of the reason for his blatant disdain for Me or anything Villainous New York related, is because of the color of my skin. You see, I am Dominican American from Dyckman New York City, and my people are Blaxk, but apparently not black enough for Mr. K.

Their operation is M.I.A. and they know it, especially after their inactivity and pandemic. they duped all our mutual homies in to believe IG they were making some things for the culture of NYC, instead made an entire Transplant Glorification Club Ans shunned Me, Villainous New York.

We are the real New York City they chose “spotlight” but actually shit on. If New York City dies, it will be because of people like this who kill us from the inside. These are the Culture Vultures who are so eager to monetize, they graduate to Gate Keepers.

Mid way through our *scheduled interview (here) & classy Italian lunch, Mr. K tells me face down that we will need to postpone our interview with a mouthful of delicious Bolognese, that he was being treated to by Me on the grounds that we both made it possible to be there for business. My interview. Not his.

But this was another calculated move by this bigot to chose when I get to feed my family & grow my platform. In reality, they can never help me.

They need this Brand for clout, credibility, content, and traffic because their shit is Canada DRY. You see, 2020 is humbling a lot of people, or making them resort to these unsavory acts to try and get ahead.

Like I said, I have 18 years in this game you call “Culture.” 18 straight, in the same field. In jail that’s an O.G.

This is educational. I want to use this unfortunate event & make it what it is, an opportunity to show y’all the vulnerability of being a real independent entrepreneur, designer, and artist, but most importantly a Father, and haven’t your time disrespected and dismissed without a single “Thank you.”

Why do I have the content? Because as all know I am Brand. A company with a lot of moving parts in different fields, and to everyone’s knowledge my business entails content. And when it’s of Me, it’s my content. As shown here. No one controls my content but Me. And no one gets to say when that content comes out or if it will ever come out.

Time is Money. And this is not the time to know not recognize our those in opposition to our own very own beliefs, heritage, and can’t respect our background & individual history. Everyone’s story is important.No one of color can be shunned or oppressed or blackballed by their own anymore on my watch starting in this year of 2020. The next time they decide to step on someone’s Toes to get to their next stop, they just better make sure the toes ain’t on a fire-breathing Dragon.

More to come.
And to answer Mr. K’s backhanded question of “When’s shit poppin’?!”


The Brand Of The Streets™️
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Written by Gustavo Ruiz — September 16, 2020