The evolution of all things is inevitable, just as change is the only constant. Villainous New York, the brand, first came to surface in 2012. A time where the World was believed to be ending. The bad vibes of that year gave way for a new group of Creators, Artists.

Villainous New York, the brand became a bridge for the subcultures within New York City. 8 years later, with the rise in levels of fake love, clout chasing, pocket watching & disrespect at max-capacity, it seems the World is in danger once again.

After a hiatus, your friendly neighborhood Villain, has been summoned back at a time when he's needed most! With a fresh-strong Army, the designer artist is back to collaborate & create to stomp out Hate.

Driven by love & ready to battle consumerism, racism, fake energy, stigmas & Culture Vultures.

Villainous New York is The Brand Of The Streets‚ĄĘ

Directed By Kaliq Scott

Original Score By OneGotBeats

Produced by Villainous New York

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@villainousnewyork @kaliqscott @onegotbeats

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Written by Gustavo Ruiz — September 29, 2020