VILLAINOUS NEW YORK · Villainous New York’s Interview With A Culture Vulture: Part 2




Oh yes, we left it he spookiest part of our encounter with Mr.K, the personified casted mold of a culture vulture, for your scary listening this Halloween week.

Mr. K takes the back seat, no pun intended, as he knows his intentions were revealed in part one. Our Villainous protagonist is subsequently saved by the good heart of a Homie who joins in for the second installment, unbeknownst to Mr. K, who is now just sitting here no to have his intentions revealed in front of our new guest.

Villainous speaks about other situations that happen to coincide with the level of disrespect he is not willing to take anymore. Not for himself and not for his culture. Not for his team, not for his collaborators. Not for his family, and not for his name.

Mr. K also has eyes on our new guest, because he seems like new prey. And also much more polished & marketable than Villainous, so again, the Culture Vulture sits, and waits, and preys.

To eat you alive!

Recorded September 3rd. And duke ain’t from Fort Greene, he from Chicago. FOH

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Mixed & Engineered by @OneGotBeats
Produced by @VillainousNewYork

Written by Gustavo Ruiz — October 26, 2020